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Dental caries is considered the commonly ignored chronic disease among children, especially preschool children. Early childhood caries is defined by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry as the presence of one or more decayed, missing or filled tooth surfaces in primary teeth of children that are 71 months (less than 6 years old) or younger. Dietary habits as well as oral hygiene habits and frequent intake of different medications are risk factors to them.

Tooth decay can have effects on a child’s life more than just physical. Ultimately, untreated decay can cause pain and infection that may lead to problems speaking, sleeping, eating, socializing or focusing at school. These dental issues can lead to lessened performance and attendance in the classroom too.

When it comes to tools that help make dental processes easier, safer and more effective, laser dentistry comes to mind. In the traditional sense, lasers have been used for soft tissue use and had a limited ability to cut through hard tissue. However, this has changed with the invention of newer, more advanced lasers. By using the best dental tools, we can offer your child the best dental experience, a faster healing process and overall better oral health.

The trend of oil pulling has taken the world by storm. This process involves swishing coconut oil in the mouth because of its apparent oral health benefits including improving oral health issues such as gum disease, whitening the teeth and improving well-being in general. Because of the lack of current evidence supporting these claims, the American Dental Association (ADA) however doesn’t recommended oil pulling as an oral hygiene routine done in the home.

In terms of pediatric dentistry, preventative care is the best approach. We at Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry believe that a healthy smile that lasts a lifetime begins with regular dental checkups and cleanings from our professional staff. These checkups should begin at the beginning of your child’s development. This is the best defense against cavities and decay for both baby and primary teeth alike.

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