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We do Same Day Consultation/Second opinion!

Parents come to us for a consultation or a second opinion for a variety of reasons.

- They know their children need a lot of dental work and want to talk to a doctor about options before they proceed with treatment.

- They have questions about the treatment that was proposed by their family dentist and want a second opinion, because we are a pediatric dentistry.

- You are unsure if the recommended treatments necessary, or you're concerned about whether costs.

- You feel your family dentist is not qualified to treat your child's dental health problem.

- You don't have a good rapport with your current dentist.

What to bring to Same Day Consultation/2nd Opinion:

If you are coming for a second opinion it may be helpful to have diagnostic information such as x-rays. If you've already had x-rays taken we can request them from your dentist. Please download and complete our Record Release form and we'll be happy to submit it for you.

If you would prefer your dentist not know about your consultation, we respect your privacy and will not contact his/her office.

Please bring any additional information you think might be helpful for the dentist to understand your dental issue.