Dental Bleaching for Child & Adolescent

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Dental Bleaching for Child & Adolescent

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  • Date: Friday, 24 March 2017
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The public has become more aware of advances in cosmetic dentistry and due to news stories and advertisements, the desire for dental whitening in pediatric and adolescent patients have increased. 

At Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry, we play an important role to inform and educate patients to make informed decisions about the indications, efficacy and safety of internal and external bleaching of primary and young permanent teeth and incorporate such care in a comprehensive treatment plan.

Clinical indications for internal or external dental whitening for individual teeth may include discoloration resulting from a traumatic injury, irregularities in enamel coloration of a permanent tooth due to trauma of infection of the related primary tooth, or intrinsic discoloration/staining (e.g., fluorosis, tetracycline staining). A negative self-image due to a discolored tooth or teeth can have serious consequences on adolescents and could be considered an indication for bleaching. Due to the difference in the thickness of enamel of primary and permanent teeth, tooth coloration whitening a dental arch may vary significantly during the mixed dentition. However full arch cosmetic bleaching during this developmental stage, is not recommended because it would result in mismatched dental appearance once the child is in the permanent dentition. 

It should be noted however, that most of the research on bleaching has been performed on adult patients, with only a small amount of research was used on child or adolescent patients. The more common side effects associated with bleaching vital teeth are tooth sensitivity and tissue irritation. Sensitivity often occurs during the early stages of treatment. Tissue irritation, in most cases, results from an ill-fitting tray rather than the bleaching agents and resolves once a more accurately fitted tray is used. Both sensitivity and tissue irritation usually are temporary and cease with the discontinuance of treatment.

Another side effect associated with bleaching vital teeth is increased marginal leakage of an existing restoration. Call us for more information; 623-535-7873 @ Palm Valley Pediatric Dentistry.